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Who we are and why we love doing what we do...

Survival Demos and Hands-on Workshops

We help both individuals and groups discover more of what they are really capable of achieving!

Why should your organization consider adding wilderness training as part of your next retreat or development program?  

We teach a christian wilderness survival mindset that is applicable in all walks of life.

Our adventure Treks are a great way to promote teamwork, encourage new ideas, and inspire leadership, all while dealing with limited resources and fears of the unknown.  And the You Can Do It Team can custom-tailor a program for you at a cost more reasonable than you might expect, and likely far less than traditional training alternatives

… Plus, your staff will likely have far more fun!

We teach skills that have worked for us in the field over more than 25 years.

Learning basic survival skills requires clear explanations, proper demonstrations, and time to practice those skills in a relaxed atmosphere. Anything less than this is selling you short.

Understanding the thought process behind smart survival techniques may represent the difference between you seeing the sun rise again...or not.

Team Building Activities

We teach teams to work together more effectively.

YouCanDoIt Adventures is the ultimate sports and youth team booster, offering a wide variety of activities for athletes to make connections, build morale, and develop leadership skills.  

YouCanDoIt Adventures is also a great place to hold awards ceremonies and celebrate the end of the season.

  • Facilitates better communication
    Activities that create discussion enable open communication between team members.
  • Develops problem-solving skills
    Our activities require teammates to work together to solve problems strategically.
  • Breaks the barrier
    Team building increases the trust factor with your group. They will work better together.
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